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Session Timeline

The Timeline provides an overview of a session's markers and profiles. It allows you to quickly zoom into problematic areas of a session.

Session Timeline


The Timeline shows markers as vertical lines. You can hover over a marker to see its details.

There are 4 kinds of markers shown in the Timeline:

Jank (aka LongTask) MarkersIndicate a long running task that blocked the main thread. These markers are shown in red and orange, depending on the threshold.
Slow Paint MarkersIndicate a slow paint. These markers are shown in red and orange, depending on the threshold.
Custom MarkersIndicate you can add to your code to indicate a specific event. These markers are shown in black.
User Interaction MarkersIndicate user interactions such as click, scroll, and keypress events. These markers are shown in blue.

Example: Custom Markers

Custom Markers

Example: Jank Markers

Jank Markers

Session Details

The Session Details panel shows information about the session, including the app version, url, and user agent.

Profile Details


The Network tab shows network requests made during the session. It shows information such as request url, cache hit/miss, duration, and DNS/TLS/TCP timings.

Network Track

Web Vitals Markers

The Network track shows markers for Web Vitals and page load events such as DOMContentLoaded, load, and domInteractive.


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