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Filtering Metrics

Filtering Profile Aggregates help answer questions such as:

  1. Which functions regressed the p95 of click responsiveness between versions v1 and v2 of my app?
  2. Which functions are blocking keypress responsiveness on mobile devices in the last release?
  3. Which functions regressed my “dashboard_render_time” custom metric on the /dashboard page?

Metric Filters

Creating Filters

Below is an example of filtering interaction metrics over the last 24hrs on the /my/tasks:

Filter Rules

Filters are composed of one or more rules. Each rule is composed of a field, operator, and value. Rules are combined using the AND operator.

Metric Filters

Filter Rule Fields

Metrics support filtering by the following fields:

VersionThe version of your app
ConnectionThe effective connetion type of the sessionslow-2g, 2g, 3g, 4g
PathThe page to filter metrics from
DeviceThe device type of the sessionMobile, Desktop, Tablet
CPU CoresThe number of CPU cores of the device
MemoryThe amount of memory (GB) of the device
RegionThe region codeUS, GB, FR, and more
TagThe tag name and value set by tag

Filter Rule Operators

Metrics support filtering by the following fields:

isThe version of your app
is notThe page to filter metrics from
includesThe device type of the session
does not includeThe duration in ms of the markers to aggregate against. Duration requires operators to filter values: >, <, =, >=, <=
starts withThe region code
ends withThe tag name and value set by tag
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