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Command Line

Palette's CLI allows uploading source maps to Palette. It also supports automatically setting up your project with Palette.


palette <cmd> [args]

palette upload <dir> [opts] Upload source maps to Palette
palette setup Setup your project with palette

--version Show version number [boolean]
--help Show help [boolean]

Upload source maps

To upload source maps, specify the directory containing source maps. The asset key PALETTE_ASSET_KEY environment variable must be set to your asset key.

Get your asset key at[your-username]/[your-project]/settings

PALETTE_ASSET_KEY=a-123 npx upload my/build/dir

Setting version

Use the --version flag to set the version of your build (see the versioning docs).

npx upload my/build/dir --release --version v1.0.0

Mark version as a release

Use the --release flag to mark a version as a release (see the versioning docs).

npx upload my/build/dir --release

Setup Script

Use Palette's setup script to automatically setup your project with Palette.

Only Next.js, Create React App, and vanilla react setups are supported at the moment.

npx setup
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