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Filtering Sessions

Session Filters help you find the most actionable and insightful sessions.

Palette requires filtering metrics by the following fields:

SumThe sum of the metric's value during the session>, <, =, >=, <=
AvgThe average value of the metric during the session>, <, =, >=, <=
MaxThe maximum value of the metric during the session>, <, =, >=, <=

Session Filters help find sessions that match a specific criteria.

QuestionFilter ExampleFilter
Filter sessions where performance was consistently badFilter sessions where the sum longtask duration of the session is greater than 100msMetricSum > 100
Filter sessions with worst case performanceFilter sessions where the max of longtask duration of the session is greater than 1000msMetricMax > 1000

Profile Aggregate Filters are automatically applied to Sessions. For example, if you want to filter sessions by a specific tag, you can do so by filtering profiles by that tag.

Sorting Sessions

Palette allows sorting sessions by Sum and Max. By default, sessions are sorted by Sum.

When listing sessions, Palette defaults to sorting sessions by the sum of that metric in the session. For example, a session with three 100ms longtasks will be above a session with one 200ms longtask. When sorting by Max, the session with one 200ms longtask will be above the session with three 100ms longtasks.

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