Our principles

These are the principles by which Palette was founded. They guide everything we do at Palette.

Performance is design.

Your browser is a canvas for your imagination, but only when it feels fast. When it’s slow, it no longer feels like an extension of your mind. It feels like the opposite — it inhibits your thoughts. A slow text editor is like writing with a pen that always runs out of ink. Design isn’t about how something looks. It’s about how it feels.

Devtools, not dashboards.

Dashboards are stuck in the past. They tell you something is slow, but they don't tell you why. This forces developers to hop between different tools to investigate a performance issues. And while front-end tracing tools have emerged, they feel like toys in comparison to local performance tools like chrome devtools (the gold standard). We think the performance tools you use in development should be the same ones you use in production.

Web apps are a feature, not a bug.

Web apps get a bad reputation. Compared to native apps, they often fall short when it comes to performance. But it doesn't have to be that way. Web apps can bridge the gap with the right architecture, tooling, and observability.